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This photo was taken by Nonja.

She is an orangutan!!!!! Well, obviously the animal in the picture is an orangutan, but I meant that the photographer, Nonja, is also an orangutan!!!

No kidding! I guess orangutans are very much like humans in the sense that like many of us, she is interested in keeping her friends up to date on what she’s up to in her pen at her Austrian zoo!! How??? By taking pictures for her Facebook page!!!

I’m serious!!! Nonja has this special camera that dispenses raisins everytime she points and shoots!!! The camera also has built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth for automatically uploading the photos to Facebook!!!

Good thing, because USB cables can confuse orangutans!!! So, if you have nothing to do today, join the other 81 051 people watching for updates from a great ape!!!

Sulli 😉

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