Is She a Man??

This is one of MANY photos that are having people wonder if Lady Gaga is really a man…can you see the bulge?!

When asked to wade into the ongoing debate, Katy Perry thought that Lady Gaga had planned the whole thing, saying “It’s all very calculated.” I personaly would not be surprised that Lady Gaga would do such a thing for media attention, but I also would not be surprised to find out she is a man!!! haha Katy Perry continued by saying: “She knows what she’s doing. She put something in her knickers, a mini strap-on. Bless her if she does have a d*ck but I am certain she doesn’t”.

Maybe we should ask someone at Cabaret Chez Mado, they must be able to tell!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! I guess we will find out sooner or later!

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