Dirty Playboy!


Did we really need Heidi Montag to be payed to show off her body in a bikini… just google her name and there she is, in a bikini, everywhere… just look at her fantastic (read the sarcasm) music video and you’ll see her, once again, in her bikini!!! However, if you just haven’t seen enough of Heidi in a bikini, make sure to pick up the September issue of Playboy, ’cause (you’ve guessed it) she’s on the cover in her bikini!!!

Of course, Pratt says that the cover is a masterpiece and I quote: “not like Picasso art — real beautiful art, you know what I’m saying?!”. Heidi agrees the picture is high class and is, like, super excited, that the issue will hit stands on Spencer’s 26th birthday, August 14th.”Happy birthday hubby!”

Why is everybody talking about it?? Well it’s not because it’s Heidi in a bikini, but of what her whole body is covered with… the description says that the playboy bunny was tanned onto Heidi’s toned stomach, but it looks more like she’s covered in mud or… i’ll let your imagination go there!!!!

Dirty Dirty Playboy is all I have to say!

Buy your and burn it today!!! Puke…

Click HERE for a bigger picture!

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