Your Very Own Sleeping Coach!

Do you have trouble sleeping?! Do you feel like you are sleeping enough hours, but you still feel tired?! Why not get a sleeping coach!

Don’t worry, no actual person will be standing next to your bed monitoring your sleep data! Instead, ZEO, is an alarm clock that measure your brainwaves and analyze how well you sleep (or don’t sleep)!

How does it work?? You wear the included headband to sleep and in the morning, the display unit gives a summary of your night’s sleep (or lack of!), including how long you slept, how many times you woke up, and the amount of time you spent in the various stages of sleep. How does that help you ask?! Well, a small memory card within Zeo stores the data, which you then transfer to your computer and upload to Zeo’s website. Then what?? Zeo will then offer you advice for improving sleep and coaching tips for an overall better night of Zzzzzzz.

Check out this video to see how cool Zeo can be! Wow–I’m already treating the machine like a person!

I’d really like to try this out! You?!

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