Fashion Crime!

Now scuba divers can commit crimes of fashion too!

Many a lady would say that you can do just about anything in high heels, but sometimes you just shouldn’t try! Who ever thought of scuba diving in heels?! Designer Lisa Carney did! Here are her HIGH TIDE HEELS — they are basically flippers with stiletto heels on them! I admit that they could provide a fashionable alternative for sun-seekers & water-lovers who don’t want the hassle of changing footwear at the beach, but SERIOUSLY?!?!

After doing a bit of research, I found out that Lisa created them for a fashion show at Australia’s Fashion Week in 2002.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the High Tide Heels are not for sale anywhere. This photo (which is circulating the net these days) would indicate otherwise, but I found out that it was taken from an art exhibit in 2006 by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat.

So, if you got excited for this new fashion flop (LOL), I’m sorry! However, with the recent news that Crocs are in financial peril, it might be a good idea to suggest they manufacture them!

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