What a Week…

First we lost Ed McMahon on Tuesday and then, 2 days later, a double wammy — both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson pass away… what a week of lost and sadness…

I have to admit that the lost of Micheal Jackson is the one that affects me the most right now. I grew up watching “Star Search” — man I LOVED that show — but I think I saw Ed as an older gentlemen that saw his time come. A big lost, yes, but nothing like the gutted feeling I have towards Micheal Jackson’s lost.

I was too young to be a real fan of Farrah Fawcett. I knew of her smile and her hair, but not really of her work (except that she had been an angel). Still, I am quite sad to see Farrah go — I knew of her fight to beat cancer & how she insprired many to talk about a type of cancer that until then was quite taboo. A big lost, yes, but …

Micheal Jackson dead… wow… what a slap in the face reality wise. It is hard to believe. He has been there my whole time growing up. I can think back to elementary school singing “ABC 123” badly, High School slow dancing to “Will You Be There“, CEGEP being amazed by the video for “Black or White” and University anticipating his Invincible comeback album… I remember my first years as a teacher hoping the allegations against him were false and my first years on the radio using any kind of story that had MJ in it, knowing it would be good content! We have lost a spirit that has transformed not only the music industry but the way we see the world.

I kind of envied Micheal Jackson. I also kind of pitied him. What kid did not want at one point a pet monkey or a merry-go-round in their back yard! I wanted both! He lived it all! However, can you imagine the childhood he went through?! No wonder he was stuck in that era… I am really sad for the Weirdo Jacko part of his life; the disappearing nose, the bleached face, the allegations, the losses and the exil… behind it all hid a MJ that we will never really get to discover. One that was hiding from a horrible past, one that had identity issues, one that we all somewhat hoped would explain to us in 20-30 years how it all went wrong…

They say that his big music comeback next month was not for money, but for this longing feeling he had to have his kids see him on stage. I think it is sad that these kids will never have a chance to see their father’s fans. They’ve grown up with those criticizing their father’s decision to mask them, their father’s money issues & allegations… they will never get to see the love he has spread, the inspiration he had on others and the devotion many have for a man that took steps towards changing the world we all live in… A big lost, yes…


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