We were their cover girls!!!

OMG — I feel like I am starting all blogs like that, but the OMGs are getting bigger and bigger!! This one is an OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!

The dream of every girl/woman in Montreal just went down for Heather B, Mel Mancuso (our promo goddess), Nadia L (our savvy net chick) and myself! We just met the one, the only, the gorgeous New Kids on The Block!!!

Cat Spencer led the interview as we girls kinda giggled — they were so relaxed… soooooo relax that at one point Jordan grabbed the mic to joke around and turned it off!!! LOL Oups!!! So we only have a fragment of the interview… oh well! Ask any of us girls, we are replaying it in our head none stop!!!

The best part was at the end–Danny told Heather that he wanted her Virgin sweather… how could she say no?! She gave it to him and he called us back to take a picture. Check it out:


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