Is Betty on Suicide Watch?!

Any fan of the comic book Archie knows of the love triangle between Betty, Archie and Veronica! Well, after 68 years in eternal high school hell, Archie Comic Publications announced that Archie Andrews will propose to the apple of his eye in an August issue. Which one you ask?! The blonde girl-next-door or the spoiled rich heiress?!

Well, Archie’s eyes on this picture says it all; he is proposing to Veronica Lodge!!!

Congratulations to Archie and Veronica and I wish them all the happiness in the world before this storyline fabricates a reason to keep them apart, forcing everything to go back to normal — Archie crying over Veronica on Betty’s shoulder!

I wonder if babies are in the works… a divorce… Archie gets half of Veronica’s fortune… ahhhh so many storylines! They probably have to have them graduate from High School first!!

What storyline would you like to see happen?!

Listener Ron says: “The marriage thing ends up being a dream that turns into a nightmare for Archie. When Archie awakens from his dream turned nightmare, everything in Riverdale is still the same”. This was after he came up with a whole plot around a courtcase divorce with Betty defending Archie!

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