Some things really disgust me and this is one of them…

In Tanzania, 7 men are finally going on trial for killing & dismembering albino people, in order to sell their body parts to witchcraft! Apparently, witchdoctors can use those body parts to create a special “magic potion” that they sell for thousands of dollars and that supposidely bring prosperity and good fortune…

It’s so bad, some albino have even fled Africa for neighboring Spain asking for asylum!!! Just 2 weeks ago, a 14-year-old albino girl named Eunice died when she had her legs hacked off by a group of people that included her father… over 40 albinos were killed in the last 18 month!!!

Human rights organisations have expressed shock it has taken so long for the trials… Unfortunately, Tanzanian courts are renown for being slow and corrupt. So who knows what will happen to those 7 men on trial…

All I can say is that I hope the court rules to use them to make a magic potion… have a little taste of their own magic!


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