Musicians with their own clothing line is nothing new, so it’s not surprising to hear that yet another singer is launching their own version of the ideal street wear! This time, it’s lead singer of Oasis Liam Gallagher‘s turn!

His Pretty Green clothing line is being launched today and to incite people to visit his online store, the site will feature an exclusive 4min video featuring a new Oasis track called “Man of Misery”.

About Pretty Green, Gallagher says “Clothes and music are my passion. I’m not hear to rip anyone off and I’m not doing it for the money either. I’m doing it cuz there’s a lack of stuff out there of the things I would wear”.

He also joked in an interview that he would not be giving his brother (and bandmate) or nephews any free clothes and that he “can’t see Oasis going onstage dressed head-to-toe in Pretty Green outfits. We’re not Showaddywaddy”!

I like that word — showaddywaddy!!! haha

Would you wear his clothes?!

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