Ok… so ever since we started playing this guy, we’ve been getting all sorts of calls; people wondering who he is, how to spell his name (as they can’t find him in searches), wondering where the hell his stage name comes from… The only info I had: he’s a DJ from Toronto & his real name is Joel Zimmerman…

Well, thanks to a listener, some of the mystery was solved yesterday!!! Alex, found a little something that might explain Joel’s stage name! Apparently, after finding a dead rodent in the fried motherboard of his computer, he took a chance and decided to go with the DJ name Deadmau5!

Why the spelling “mau5”??? We still haven’t broken that code!

Do you know?!?!

** Listener Mario came up with a logic response! He says that Joel is a computer geek and that is what computer geeks do! Th3y r3plac3 l3tt3r5 with numb3r5!!! hahaha It’s called “leet speak”. Thank5 Mari0!!!!

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