Mile High Marriage

Wanna get married in an original way?! We’ve already discussed the inflatable church (see previous blog), now, it’s all about Mile high marriages!!!

Couples could soon tie the knot in mid-air if a British airline gets their way. The budget airliner “easyJet” has asked a Borough Council if pilots could be legally authorized to officiate over weddings in the air. If approved, floating on cloud nine could get a whole new meaning for people in love and the airline says they’re excited about offering the special service to passengers. EasyJet captain Jeffery Husson added, “It would be exciting if I could marry couples above the clouds.”

What do you think?! In a way, it’s practical… you can already be on the way to the honeymoon!! Plus, who needs the pilot to concentrate on the route, ins’t that what cruise control is all about!! lol 😉

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