10 years later…

Is your 10 year High School Reunion fast approaching?! Are you dreading it?! Andrea Wachner did, so she decided to have some fun and hire a stripper to impersonate her!!

Wachner, a freelance comedy writer, made a documentary about it called, “I Remember Andrea.” Some of her classmates didn’t think the prank/film was funny, and when she posted clips on YouTube from her 40-minute documentary, there was an outcry from ’95 alums. “There’s definitely a contingency of people who hate me because of this,” she said.

Part of me thinks it’s immature (only because I enjoyed seeing everyone 10 years later), but another part of me thinks it’s HILARIOUS!!!! Good for her!!! Here’s a clip of the documentary & judge for yourself:

So–What do you think??

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