National TV Turnoff Week

April 19th to the 26th is National TV Turnoff Week.

Off an amazing website, here are tips to help your family tune out:
· Start small — incremental reductions are better than none at all.
· Make a plan — sit down as a family and choose programs in advance to cut down on mindless channel surfing.
· Banish bedroom sets — a recent study found that third graders who had TVs in their bedrooms scored much lower on standardized test than their peers who didn’t.
· Try technology — install a device like EyeTimer. It automatically turns off the TV when your child’s “time budget” expires.
· Be strict early — The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children under 2 watch no television at all. Bonus: Kids who watch little or not TV as toddlers may be more accepting of restrictions later on.
· Eat away from the television — not only can the tube limit dinner table conversation, it’s been show to “hypnotize” viewers into eating more.
· No parking in front of the TV — rather than sitting kids in front of the television while you do chores, ask them to help. It will decrease tube time and make helping a habit.

Can you turn off the TV for a week?! Listen to more radio–that will help!! **wink

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