War on Cellphones…

The battle between students and teachers over the use of cellphones in schools reached new heights in B.C. when Steve Gray, the principal of Port Hardy Secondary School on the north coast of Vancouver Island, went online and bought a device from China to jam electronic signals in order to stop the ring tones, the chatter and the text messaging within his school walls. He plugged it into the wall in the school library and instantly, two-thirds of the school had a cell phone lockdown.

Many students irate with the situation, refused to return to class after lunch and informed the principal that jamming devices were illegal in Canada!! Gray had to pull the plug.

How crazy is that?? If those kids would put as much passion in their studies than getting their cell phone usage back–they would rule the world!! Seriously though, do you think this principle was right?? I was a teacher and lived through cellphone-in-class-usage headaches, so I am totally FOR making jamming devices legal for schools. What do you have to say about it??

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