Call me! **Update

Heather B. posted a blog about Flo Rida giving out his cell number (305-528-2786) out during a CNN interview. Well, it seems that it is becoming more and more of a trend for artists to literally connect with their fans… Kreesha Turner did it last year when her Don’t Call Me Baby single hit the airwaves (917-720-7501). Now, Ciara wants to hear from you!!

Ciara’s MySpace nickname just says: “Call me! 404-665-3424”. So I did and left a message 😉

I wonder if she’ll answer!? lol

**** UPDATE:

Kelly Clarkson is now on board too. Call her: 817-349-2567

Call Shiloh at 416.800.8914

Jessie James can be reached at 404.287.2617

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