Holy Ant Colony!!!

I’ve never been a big bug fan, but I gotta say that I still remember that machine at the Insectarium that tells you what you could carry if you were an ant! If I remember well, when I was 7 years old, I could carry the St-Joseph Oratory! How cool is that?!

Well, that faithful Insectarium visit got me wondering what an underground ant colony looked like, but I was always too afraid the little buggers would escape if I bought an ant farm! Thank God for nature shows!! 23 years later, my curiosity has been satisfied! I just saw an episode on ants, where researchers pour 10 tons of cement down an abandoned ant hole and then dig in the ground around it to show off its underlying shape and size. It’s amazing, a real underground kingdom! We see the relatively small exits on the surface, but you won’t believe the structures they build below! It’s almost alien like!

Check it out–it’s crazy!!! This YouTube video will change how you think about ants. If you only have a couple free seconds to watch, skip to about 1:15 to start the good stuff.

Pretty nuts, hey?!

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