Orphaned Cameras…

So I found this camera on St-Paddy’s and I am trying to find it’s owner. You’d think it would be easy since I have pics of the owner, but think again!!! It’s not an easy task…

The only thing I could get from the 151 photos is:

**She is a young blond in her 20s;

**She lives or went to New Brunswick recently, as there is a pic of a car with a N.B. license plate;

**She has a Lake Brome picture on one of her walls;

**She spent St-Paddy’s post-parade at Hurleys!!!

I called Hurleys and they could not help me, so this is my last resort! If I can find a way to get some of these photos on the computer, I’ll post something on the MOST AMAZING SITE dedicated to orphaned pics of lost cameras! It’s pretty funny–people post photos they found on the camera and write a little something about where they found it. Then, they hope the owner will come forth!

Until I find a compatible wire to transfer some photos, if you heard of any blond chick who lost her camera on St-Paddy’s, send her my way!!!


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