Now that’s an extreme sport!

So there are extreme sports and then there are sports that one would only try if it were your last day on earth–except if you are daredevil Pedro Olivia…

Pedro thought <em>why not kayak down one of the Amazon’s tallest waterfalls</em> and did so last month!

It only took him 2.9 seconds to drop 127ft down the Salto Belo falls, Brazil, at speeds up to 110km/h — shattering the existing world record for a descent in a kayak which stood at 108ft. How could he survive a freefall almost twice that of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls are higher, at 176ft, the actual drop is only 70ft because of rocks at the base)?? Well, apparently a unique combination of currents in the area have created what kayakers believe to be the softest water landing in the world.

Members of his Brazil World Record Attempt Expedition team captured it all on tape–pretty crazy stuff–you see Pedro hurtling head first to the bottom, disappearing from sight as he plunged into a deep pool at the bottom and then emerging, unharmed, behind the waterfall. CHECK IT OUT!!!

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