Download To Donate For Haiti

I know, I know... everyday we talk about a different way that you can help raise funds and promote awareness of the recovery efforts following the earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas on January 12th... but THIS I think you will really like!! Linkin Park is leading an all-star lineup of acts who... Continue Reading →

The Honest $10000 Spam!

Consider this a victory for Nigerian princes everywhere!!! A UK ad agency called Mother London thought of a clever way to give out a Christmas bonus (with a budget of $10,000) to its clients. They sent out a spammy email and the ones who replied got in on the cash!! A Chritsmas spam that was... Continue Reading →

Mini-Jersey Shore!

Jersey Shore is continuing to prove its status as an MTV hit and I have yet to watch it... a total audience of 3.6 million viewers saw last week's back-to-back episodes of the show... I felt like I had to get on the band wagon, so went online and googled Jersey Shore. That's when I... Continue Reading →

Really Barbara?!?!

I was going to talk about Bachelor drama and how Elizabeth said the smartest sentence last night: "I’m not just Vanilla, I’m every shade of the rainbow…" mmmmmm ya… but I just feel too smart to go on that one!! Instead, I’m gonna talk about what happened on The View a little while back! Seeing... Continue Reading →

Less Bling Bling…

Most times, less bling bling is a good thing -- unless we are talking about engagement rings or Christmas trees!!! Someone out there thought just like me and decided to start a blog, capturing the lonely lives of Christmas tree after their Xmas duties were fulfilled! CHECK THE BLOG OUT!! They are actually pretty good... Continue Reading →

Wear Blink-182 shirt to help Haiti!

Blink-182 is the latest band joining forces to help those in need in Haiti, but they found an original way to raise money for relief efforts--by releasing an exclusive charity T-shirt!! According to the band's publicist, all proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go to the Red Cross. Each shirt is $15 and... Continue Reading →

Coolest slip & slide ever!

Now this is something that would scare the s**t out of me, but I SO WANT TO DO IT!!! Most people online are calling this fake, but I looked at it over and over and the camera doesn't move... how can it be fake?!?! What do you think? It looks like so much fun!! haha... Continue Reading →

Foo Fighters in Interview

Few had high hopes for the Foo Fighters when they stormed onto the scene 15 years ago -- look at them now! I found THIS PRETTY COOL INTERVIEW, if you are a fan -- check it out! Sulli 😉

Sleep talk much?!

About a year ago, a British woman named Karen noticed that her husband was saying the strangest things in his sleep, so she started Sleep Talkin' Man. The blog collects hubbie Adam's strangest lines, like "I haven't put on weight. Your eyes are fat." Karen records her husband's sleep-taling every night and then shares them... Continue Reading →

Wow–How to blow your chances 101!!

So last night premiered Season 9 of American Idol and I got to admit, the audition process is my favorite of it all! I like seeing the reaction of people, I like seeing the bad singers and, because I sometimes don't understand human nature, I like wondering why certain people just blow their chances for... Continue Reading →

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