Drowning doesn’t look like drowning… Please read!

Thanks to Hollywood movies, most of us have a false idea of what drowning looks like…

We are at the mid-point of summer; pools are the place to be, vacations are being planned — if you are going to be anywhere around the water, make sure to read this!

We all know that drownings can happen in seconds. Swimming lessons and pool fences are vital, but we also know that nothing beats adult supervision. However, even if you have your eyes on the kids, you may be watching for all the wrong things….

imagesThe “drowning” you’ve seen on the big screen is a movie myth. People sometimes yell, wave, and splash when they’re struggling in the water. But when someone’s truly about to drown, it looks completely different. It’s frightening how quiet it can be.

When a person’s really drowning, their body doesn’t want to waste energy screaming and splashing… instinct makes their arms stay down; they may look like they’re climbing a ladder or pawing at the water. They stay upright, eyes glassy with their head back so that their mouth can grasp at the air when it surfaces.

The scary fact is that you typically have 20 to 60 seconds to help them. That’s all.

Watch THIS VIDEO to see what it really looks like.

Keep your eyes on the kids this summer and remember that it’s the quiet, not the yelling, that you should be worried about!

Kim 😉

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