Adopt a Cardinal

You can adopt highways and you can adopt parks… Now, you can adopt a cardinal!

115 cardinals are now gathered in Rome & will begin their conclave tomorrow to elect the new pope to succeed Benedict the 16th. Adopt a CardinalAhead of that, the Vatican gave its official blessing to a website called Adopt a Cardinal, set up by a German Catholic youth organization. Visitors to the site can enter their name and email address, and Adopt a Cardinal will send them the name and information about a randomly selected cardinal-elector.Your own Cardinal!!

The site’s goal is for people who “adopt” a cardinal to support that person with prayer and intercession during the conclave and for three days after the election of the new pope.Who knows… maybr through your prayers, your very own Cardinal will become the next pope!

Other sites rounded up by The Week for some fun with the papal election:

Kim 😉

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