Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise! Even though we would like to think that our men knows everything about us, we know deep down that it’s just not true! Now science has proven it!

A new survey found that 40% of couple have fought over the fact that the guy can’t remember super important details. But let’s make this a tad more shocking… here is exactly what he doesn’t remember about you:

     ** 12% of men don’t remember their other half’s birthday

     ** 39% don’t remember your bra size

     **10% have no clue what you do for a job (Um…wow guys. Really?!)

     ** 54% don’t know your cell phone number (I can understand this one — no one memorizes phone numbers anymore)

Maybe it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with your guy to make sure he actually knows stuff about you. And if that fails? Make flashcards and quiz him on it grade school-style—with a sexy reward for getting the answers right! Then he will remember!!

Fess up: Do you really know the important details about your guy?

Kim 😉

Thanks Cosmo Magazine

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