OUCH x 9672 !!

A new study found that the average person suffer 9,672 ailments and injuries in their lifetime — and experience 124 incidents of ill health every year!!! That means we are ill once every 3 days!!

What can you expect in a year?!

– at least three sore throats,

– four cases of heartburn,

– four “cricked necks”,

– five cuts,

– five cramps,

– six upset stomachs,

– two shaving cuts,

– three stubbed toes

and we’ll bite our tongue three times and lose our voice at least once!!!! 

Need more? We’ll also face 78 nosebleeds in our lifetime, trip over 234 times and suffer through 156 bouts of blisters!!!

Ahhh the pain we go through for a great life 😉


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