Always wanted to see your name in lights?

Always wanted to see your name in lights? How about in fireworks?! You may be in luck!

For a mere $81.29, you can now blast a custom fireworks display – of your face – in the sky!!

The British company Firebox says that all it needs is a picture of a person’s profile. Then, with the help of 200 rockets, they can design a fireworks display that creates “a startling likeness of your face that can be seen from up to 30km away.”

Check out their website

The best part is that they package the rockets in a personalized fireworks box that is small enough to carry!

Once lit, the display lasts for about 5 seconds and is best seen from a little more than 200 yards away.

Be careful though, the site warns buyers must check all commercial flight patterns before lighting the fuse… they also advise — when you try to purchase the fireworks — that you’ve been fooled!

Of course this doesn’t exist!! It would be cool though!

Kim 😉

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