Milk & Cookies

This ‘Milk’s Favourite Cookie’ ad is creating quite the contraversy and Oreo claims it’s all a big mistake!

Oreo said its controversial breastfeeding baby advert was ‘never meant to go public’. Apparently the ad was only supposed to be used once — for an advertising forum.

The image has caused quite a storm, and seriously divided opinion on the net! Some talk about the fine line between creative liberty and ethics,  others sarcastically comment about now having a nice warm cup of mother’s milk with your cookie…

But others LIKE ME said they LOVED the pic  — for the art direction (the look in the babies eyes is priceless),  for showing the naturalness of breastfeeding,  for the cute & eye catching idea behind the ad and/or simply cause as an  OREO fan, this ad is absolutely fantastic!

Oreo’s 100th birthday promotional campaign was officially celebrated last month so, who knows, maybe this was all part of it! Born on March 6, 1912, the Oreo brand now fetches a staggering $1.5billion in global revenues and is the world’s top selling cookie of the 21st Century. The limited edition 100th birthday Oreo features creme flecked with colour.

Isn’t it Oreo’s creative and inspired advertising that has always ensured the enduring shelf life for the cookie?! I think this ad is doing just that!


Kim 😉

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