Ottawa-Centric Costumes!

Still looking for that last minute costume for tonight?! Why not represent Ottawa while doing so!!  

Here are a couple ideas:

1) The Golden Palace Eggroll. 

2) Rogue Senate Page.  All you need for this one is a black suit, white gloves, and a “Stop Harper” sign.

3) Green Bin.  They’re only $30 or so at Canadian Tire.  Buy one, cut out holes for arms and legs, glue on a few pieces of rice as the maggots. (Suggestion: Get your spouse to dress up as a Rain Barrel.)

4) Sexy OC Transpo Cop.  Take one of those sexy cop costumes and tape on an OC Transpo logo. Then ask everybody, “Can I see your transfer, baby?”

5) Black Bear.  (For Bells Corners residents only.)

6) Ottawa Convention Centre.  I have no idea how to pull this off but if you can find a shiny futuristic helmet somewhere you’d have the best costume in Ottawa.

Kim 😉

Thanks to Ottawa Start for these great ideas!

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