World’s Ugliest Dog

In California this past weekend, over 50 mangy, hairless, and otherwise repugnant dogs went up against each other as their doggy stage moms bit their nails to see who would nab the prestigeous title of World’s Ugliest Dog!
This marked the 23rd year of the competition, which seeks to raise awareness for rescue pups by celebrating ugliness—buck teeth, asymmetry, general decrepitude.
Only one of these dogs walked away with the title of World’s Ugliest Dog.  Which one?!
YODA — a tiny, 2lbs 14 year-old Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix with shockingly skinny hairless legs, protruding tongue, almost no hair and one popping-out-of-head eye. See him in the ”flesh” here:
Yoda was found abandoned behind an apartment building. The owner said she first thought the pooch was a rat! She has now won 1000$ for having adopted the World’s Ugliest Dog! When you think about it, in doggy years, Yoda is 98 — he looks good for his age 😉
Kim 😉

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  1. that little fat one on the top right is ADORABLE! Yoda is cute too but they’re all cute in their own way.

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