Lounge around in your PJs all day…

It’s an odd fashion but it is everywhere! Pyjama Dressing can be attributed to LA starlets like Nicole Ritchie & big name designers who think that this might be the best mix of leisure, comfort and style!

Pajama dressing is all about dressing in your sexiest pajamas meaning your silks, lace, sheer, and bold colours. But the key to pulling it off is to wear these fabrics without looking like you’re headed to the boudoir. With floral back in style–that’s really kicked up a knotch… antique nightgown looking ballet tops, kimono looks — all reminiscent of the pyjama! 

How to make pajama dressing appropriate?! Here are tips from fashionism.ca:

1. Don’t Overdo It!

When incorporating pajama dressing into your style it wouldn’t be ideal to pajama dress from head-to-toe unless, you were planning to wear a sheer maxi dress overtop a blazer.

2. Minimal Accessories

Pajama dressing is all about taking chances and being bold, so you don’t want to distract your onlookers from your clothes with your larger-than-life accessories. Keep it simple, let your clothes speak for themselves don’t disguise your statement with accessories save it for another outfit.

Tip: Small accessories are fine, nothing too bold!

3. Bare Arms or No Bare Arms?

Pajama dressing is already sexy enough never mind baring your arms. To make your outfit workplace appropriate I would suggest a blazer or some sort of a jacket over top. For your nightlife, let’s say you wanted to go out for drinks after work you can take off the jacket to make it more nightlife appropriate and add an more accessories if you feel. This is what’s so great about pajama dressing the outfits are very interchangeable, with a minor outfit adjustment you can be ready for the office or after work drinks.

Pajama dressing is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about looking too raunchy because the sexiest bedroom wear is sheer, lace, silk, and bold colors; everything that’s in this season! Really get creative and push yourself to the limit with this one, wear your sexiest boudoir on top of a blazer and minimal accessories!

I’m not sure if I will be on track with this fashion, but hey! I can now say that I am stylish when lounging around the house!

Kim 😉

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