Talk about $$$

Can you believe that in the last 20 months of his passing, Michael Jackson’s estate has made more than $306Million  and it has yet to clear his debts! That is a crazy amount of $$!!! 

Legal papers have revealed how deep in the red the troubled pop superstar was when he died in June 2009 — a whopping 394M$!!

According to the executors of Jackson’s estate, he was able to reduce that debt to 89M$ thanks to the movie This Is It (which took more than $260million at box offices worldwide) and footage of Jackson rehearsing for his comeback in London…

How do you rack up such a debt?!  

I guess monkeys were expensive!!!

Kim 😉

One thought on “Talk about $$$

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  1. MJ had so many leaches around him, no wonder he got in deep of a hole.

    Still not enough that they killed him, they continue leaching off him.

    So sad..

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