I would have needed this yesterday…

52$ — that’s how much I have to pay after my parking meter expired for a whole 4 minutes before I made it back to my car yesterday… ARGH! How frustrating and, seriously, what are the chances!?

Well, thank god I have the iPhone and that I can now equip myself with this new app! Tap Tapas released the Parking App iPhone application (http://www.parkingapp.com) — a quick and intuitive tool with which to avoid accidental parking violations, and the resulting tickets and towing.

Features of Parking App include:

– Slide to start meter timers – the fastest way to start a timer

– Flexible parking zone rules for adding the streets you park on, anywhere in the world

– At-a-glance street sweeping warnings for all of your favorite locations

– Ability to note your car’s location with a single tap, or save a photo or text note

– Alerts with sound and vibration when your meter expires and when you need to move your car for street sweeping (or other restrictions)

It’s available for $2.99 in the iPhone App Store — a small fee compared to that 52$ I now have to pay!

Kim 😉

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