Get Ready for Tomorrow’s Storm!

Last night, the Weather Network was calling for a “messy storm to hit eastern Canada” Sunday. This morning, it states that the storm is “on track”… so I hope you are ready!
If you aren’t, maybe this will help!
The Shovel Master!!!!
It’s an easy-to-install add-on handle that turns ordinary shovels into “ergonomic snow-throwing powerhouses” (yep–that is quoted from the product’s site). Since you have 2 handles, it lets your arms do the snow shoveling work, taking the pain and strain away from your back… or so it says!
Plus, the handle is attached with a leaf spring, “giving each scoop extra oomph” (haha quoted from the website again!).

P.S. Shovel not included. 

I love quirky products!!! Yes… I own the Magic Bullet!
Kim 😉

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