My cousin Paul taught me over dinner tonight that one cannot see the Great Wall of China from the moon as it is too narrow and made from materials that are almost the same colour as the surrounding soil…

One thing you can see from space though, and it’s right here in Canada, is a beaver dam!!! No kidding!

Located in Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta–this beaver dam spans 2800 feet (about 850 meters) and has likely been under construction since the mid-1970!! It’s been around so long that there is grass growing on it! That’s nuts… A normal beaver dam grows somewhere between 30 and 330 feet–this one is more than 8 times that largest possibility… making it so large it is visible from space!

Even crazier is that rangers found 2 smaller beaver dams near this one, so if all 3 structures grow together within the next decade, this dam could potentially grow to over 3000 feet!

Imagine the number of beavers that worked on that dam!

Kim 😉

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