Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Well, I just revealed that the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes and Victoria Beckham pay 197$ for a single bottle of Rodial’s Boob Job gel (which supposedly increases a woman’s breasts size by half a cup), but that is the least of the shocking beauty secrets just out of Hollywood!
Yes… it’s schocking how much people can spend on stuff. JLo apparently slathers her whole body with a 1400$ Creme de La Mer and Reese Whiterspoon pays for Polypodium leucotomos oral supplements, which gives her UV protection… Yet, that’s baby steps compared to what these next celebrities do for beauty!
Jessica Simpson’s beauty secrets are based on ancient Asian treatments. She recently tweeted about a new regime involving Chinese Pu-erh tea and cupping, a blood detoxifying method that involves a vacuum seal leaving painful welts behind (also favoured by Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes). Ouch! A suction cup all over my body! No Thanks!
Demi Moore admitted that she has used leeches to detoxify her blood. The treatment was part of a cleanse she tried in Austria and Moore insists it was for the best. Ewwwww!!
This though, has to be the worst… The term Geisha facial may sound like an exotic Japanese beauty treat, however the Victoria Beckham-approved process is anything but posh!! It’s actually kind of gross! The skincare treatment, better known as the bird poop facial, incorporates the droppings of Nightingales and is believed to soften, brighten, and nourish dull-looking skin. As if that weren’t enough, Victoria Beckham is also rumoured to lather up her hands and feet in lotion and tuck them into gloves and socks before bedtime!!
Talk about pain over beauty—how is she supposed to snuggle up to her hottie husband like that?
I’m open to new stuf, but that’s just gross! Would you put bird dropping on your face for beauty?! I wouldn’t…
Kim 😉

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