Yet another award!

We have awards for anything and everything now. However, as a pet owner, this one made me laugh!! I can just imagine my 2 little buggars getting onto the nominee list!


Voters still have time to pick a winner of the 2010 Hambone Awards that will honor pets who have had the oddest insurance claim this year. The awards came about after a dog ate an entire ham after a Thanksgiving dinner and suffered from a full stomach and slight hypothermia (he made a full recovery). Some of the nominees this year include a lab who ate an entire beehive, a cat that got stuck in a running dryer, and a border collie who ran through a glass window when he heard the mail man!! Ohhhh poor thing!

Voting runs until August 16th. You can read the twelve nominees’ stories & vote for your favorite RIGHT HERE!

Kim 😉

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