Bling Bling!

No wonder Miranda Kerr agreed to marry Orlando Bloom! Apparently, Orlando popped the question by offering the supermodel a $450,000 engagement ring — 1/2 a million$ ring… Wow!

How much should you spend on an engagement ring? A common norm is that the guy should spend three months of his annual salary. Why so much?? One reason is that it kinda serves as an honest signal of a man’s commitment. In other words, pretenders need not apply!!

However, just like we don’t always leave 15% tip, a recent survey found that men spend on average 8.44% of their average yearly salary on the engagement ring–far removed from the expected 25%!! Still, on average that about 3500$ spent on an engagement ring–not too shabby!

(On a side note: they also found that the younger the bride, the larger the price tag!! Darn, I’m already 31!)

I’d marry Orlando Bloom in a heart beat, but I think I’d be uncomfortable wearing a 450000$ ring everyday! I’d feel like someone would come and chop my finger off to steal it or something! haha

What about you?

Kim 😉

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