The Favorite Part of My Job!

I have to say that, by far, the favorite part of my job is going out in the public & meeting our awesome listeners. Actually, I am sure many radio hosts would agree with me! It’s so rewarding to meet first hand the people who listen to you & it’s so fun to put faces on those we imagine on a daily basis!!! 
I have to take that a step further by saying how amazing it is to be able to help people understand the industry we work in and how our job works! That’s why I jumped on the opportunity to be a guest speaker for a local Grade 5-6 media class! It was a bit intimidating at first to have 65 pairs of eager eyes and ears all for me, but the end result surpassed all my expectations! How bright and media saavy our kids are getting!!!! Some of the questions that were asked just blew me away! Who would have thought grade 5-6 kids were interested in knowing “who governs what type of radio station we can launch or music we can play”. These kids REALLY made me think… why did I consider this a “dream” job, how can I make myself different from other radio hosts or radio stations to become number 1 & how my literacy skills help in the job!! Wow! Kuddos to them!
I had a great day! Thanks guys!!!
Kim 😉

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