Xmas Lights…

Ok.. so I guess being 1 month exactly before the holiday season, it makes it perfectly acceptable to start decorating your house, BUT PLEASE — as your neighbors, we have to look at your decorated house for the next month — keep these rules in mind!!

1) Stick to a theme. I know it all looks good, it’s hard to pick if you want to go with the creche or the reindeers, but Santa & Jesus are not a wedding social together, nor should be on your lawn!

2) If you start early, you end it early! After the first week of January, turn them off.

3) Inflatables. They are fun, original, easy to install — until they are half deflated and makes Frosty looks like he really melted away! Keep up with them!

4) Moderation! Need I say more… not only will it help your electricity bill, but the whole neighbourhood will thank you for not making them feel like they live in Reno or Time Square!!

This is what my house will look like (the one on the right):

Sulli 😉

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