Wow! Woman Mauled By 200lb Chimp Shows Face…

The woman who was mauled by 200lb chimp earlier this year revealed her face on Oprah yesterday!

For the 1st time, Charla Nash talked about how her life forever changed last February when she visited a friend’s home in Connecticut and was attacked by the person’s 200lb pet chimpanzee. In the crazy, horrific accident, the animal ripped her face apart, leaving her with no nose, no lips, and no eyes.

Though Charla can’t remember exactly what happened the morning she was mauled by the chimp, the chilling 911 call from her friend, Herold, paints a devastating picture. The woman screams into the phone that the animal is “eating” her friend and begs the operator to send the police to shoot the chimp.

Now, Charla spends her days in the hospital, her face veiled as to not “scare” other people, hoping that one day she might receive a face and hand transplant. Crazy story! She is so brave…

CAREFUL the picture is not for those who are faint of heart…


Read more of HER STORY. It’s nuts!

Sulli 😉

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