We Found Bubbles!!

I seriously wanted a monkey after seeing that Micheal Jackson had one! There was a skinny furry caramel colour one at the corner pet shop and man did I want it! I bugged my parents until it finally bit a child and the pet shop had to get rid of it!!!! Crazy! Well, MJ had to get rid of Bubbles in 2003 because it was becoming too agressive with baby Prince Michael ll… but, we found him!

It turns out, the monkey is alive and healthy in a Florida animal sanctuary. Bubbles is 26 years old & his life may not be as glamorous as it use to be — copying MJ’s moonwalk while wearing matching outfits, attending movie premieres,… — but he is quite happy! He spends his days hanging out with his chimp friend Sam, listens to music and loves eating sweet potato!!!

THE BIGGEST NEWS IS THAT BUBBLES MIGHT BE MAKING A COMEBACK!! Rumours are floating around about a hollywood film and lucrative book deal! Who knew Bubbles could write 😉

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