Saving the World One Cow Burp at a Time!

Did you know that, according to Environment Canada, cow burps are responsible for nearly 75% of total methane emissions — a greenhouse gas that causes global warming!?

So, in order to save the world from climate changes, Canadian scientists are working to breed a special kind of cow that will burp less!!!

Since the methane burp is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, researchers at University of Alberta are looking at genes behind the methane produced inside the cow’s 4 stomachs in order to make them more environmentally friendly!

Ranchers can make a cow “greener” by breeding cattle that grow faster (therefore spending less time in the field grazing) and/or cattle that has been made more efficient at converting feed into muscle (producing less methane and waste). Already, ranchers are getting 1$ to 10$ carbon credits per cow head if they feed their livestock a diet higher in energy and edible oil, which ferment less than grass!

Green cows that burp less — what a great storyline for a kid’s book!

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