Is Pink a Fake?!

You know how everything in Hollywood seems to happen exactly when that person’s movie/album is coming out?! I thought only D-list celebrities actually used that method of marketing & really disliked the scheme, but I am now scared to think that one of my favorite, who I thought was authentic, artist has done just that!

Pink and hubby Carey Hart went their own ways just “moments” before her new album Funhouse was released. Her first single, So What, was all about loosing her boyfriend, being a rock star and not needing him… he appeared in her video for the song, which we all thought was “nice of him”… some bought her album cause they liked the whole “I can live without you” attitude…

Now, a couple of months & Pink singles later, her latest is called Please Don’t Leave Me. Guess what it’s about?! Her being soooo mean & insulting to him, but really, she doesn’t mean it… she needs him and begs him not to leave her… Check out real life: Big announcement… Pink and Carey are back together… working it out!!!

Really???? A couple of my friends said: “Well, she wrote the song to get him back”!!! Ya–you don’t know how music works guys–all those singles were recorded months ago! Pink chose what song to be released when…

I am soooo disappointed if this breakup was a marketing scheme to sell more music… I really did not think Pink would scoop so low… if it’s a coincidence–it’s a major one! I still love you Pink, just disappointed…

What do you think about this whole thing??

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