Before she was Gaga…

... she was a Sopranos extra!!!   Lady Gaga's appearance on a 2001 episode of "The Sopranos" (season 3 ep. 9) has surfaced online, showing the world a 15-year-old Stefani Germanotta who didn't have to do much more than laugh!   In her cameo role, Gaga and her gal-pals are trying to look sexy in cropped sweaters,... Continue Reading →

New Unseen Lady Gaga!

New unseen footage of Lady Gaga performing as an unknown has emerged - and it proves she's not just a pretty face and that she wasn't always the crazy chick we now know her to be! She entered a talent contest in 2005 as brunette Stefani Germanotta -- composed two original pieces and then performed... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga before going Gaga!!!!

This is Stefani Germanotta before she went all Lady Gaga on us! The video was taken in 2006 and actually shows a side of the now mega-(weird)-star that I kind of like. I wish she would have stayed this way! What do you think?? Do you prefer Stefani Germanotta or Lady Gaga??

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