Wow–How to blow your chances 101!!

So last night premiered Season 9 of American Idol and I got to admit, the audition process is my favorite of it all! I like seeing the reaction of people, I like seeing the bad singers and, because I sometimes don't understand human nature, I like wondering why certain people just blow their chances for... Continue Reading →


Susan Boyle... Leona Lewis... who?! I think the best contestant to ever come off Britain's version of American Idol , the X-Factor has yet to come AND SIMON COWELL AGREES!!! No kidding, if this guy decided to quit the show now (after this first audition) and release an album, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!... Continue Reading →

Latest Online Sensation!

She is not the likeliest person to become an overnight sensation, but that is exactly why she is gaining popularity! Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old church volunteer from a small village in Scotland, admits to have never been kissed, never been married & loves her cat Pebbles the most! She stepped onto Simon Cowell's Britain's Got... Continue Reading →

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