Where's that mistletoe when you need it most?   With Mistletoe-To-Go, it can be anywhere you are!!   When you affix the suction cup to your forehead, the mistletoe is perfectly positioned to dangle above your head!! haha I LOVE it!!   It's time to start practicing some lip puckering.   Kim 😉

Less Bling Bling…

Most times, less bling bling is a good thing -- unless we are talking about engagement rings or Christmas trees!!! Someone out there thought just like me and decided to start a blog, capturing the lonely lives of Christmas tree after their Xmas duties were fulfilled! CHECK THE BLOG OUT!! They are actually pretty good... Continue Reading →

Worst Gift Ever!

I love sharing this kind of story! So, I was back home with friends in Montreal over the holidays and one of them told us how she had been wanting to take those new fitness classes where you learn to dance with stripper poles! Apparently, they're an amazing workout for your abs! So for the... Continue Reading →

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