Christina Immortalised!

Christina Aguilera is all set to be forever immortalized in Hollywood...   She's presently doing the press rounds promoting her new movie with Cher, but that's not what will immortalize her... Unless she's AMAZING in this movie!! I'm talking about the fact that  the former Mouskateer is being honoured with her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of... Continue Reading →

Burlesque — a sneek peek!

Christina Aguilera is hitting the silver screen with Cher in her movie debut: Burlesque.   Here's a sneek peek:       I have to admit that I am a cheesy type of movie girl--so to me, this looks watchable! haha Maybe not a let's-run-to-the-movies-to-see-it-when-it-first-hits-theaters-this-November movie, but certainly a let's-rent-it-off-the-cable-box flick!!   Would you watch it?  ... Continue Reading →

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